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COVID-19 Response


Covid 19 Safety Response 

Our office remains open to provide healthcare to our patients, many of whom are receiving necessary, in-office procedures and testing. As a medical office, we will promote the highest level of safety standards to keep our patients and staff safe, slow the spread, and keep Idaho open.

With cases in Ada County back at near-record highs, we will be requiring face masks during your visit. We apologize for this inconvenience.

1. We are a well patient facility and are requiring all sick patients to reschedule.
2. We will require that patients please arrive wearing a face mask. During your exam, the doctor may ask you to temporarily remove your mask so he may examine your face, but please wear it before and after being asked to do so.
3. Please do not bring guests with you to your appointment.  A parent may attend with a minor, and any patient needing physical or interpretive assistance may also bring one guest.
4. Upon arrival, patients will provide insurance cards, ID, and copayments at the front desk, but then will be immediately roomed as we have temporarily closed the use of our waiting room.
5. We are limiting the number of patients treated during each day.
6. We have implemented TELEMEDICINE as an option for visits not involving procedures. Certain concerns or conditions are more suited to this type of encounter than others, and you can speak to our staff to find out if a telemedicine encounter is the right solution for you. Examples of well suited conditions for telemedicine include acne, a rash, a follow up to determine if a change of treatment is appropriate.     
7. Our staff have been provided expanded paid sick leave and will not be allowed to work if sick.  Our staff will nonetheless wear face masks during check in and when working with or near patients to prevent any possible airborne spread of contaminants.  
8. All exam rooms are now, as always, sanitized between each patient encounter. 
9. Tablets and pens are sanitized after each use. 
10. Hand sanitizer stations have been added for patient use outside our front door, at the front desk, and are wall mounted in each patient room near the door.   

Again, for those who remain concerned about coming into the office during these unsettling times, we urge you to speak to our staff about our telemedicine option.